Singer/songwriter Jessica Faith is an old soul in a young body. From the small town of Monticello, Arkansas, Faith’s original songs are capturing the attention of fans of multiple genres of music.  She draws her inspiration from the likes of Billy Joel, Carole King, Sarah Bareilles, and Ben Rector, with some Southern Gospel roots thrown in for good measure.

Jessica Faith was raised in a musical environment.  She began piano lessons by the age of nine, learning the formal rules of music. After four years of classical training, she switched to a teacher who specialized in Southern Gospel piano.  Learning this new style—based almost wholly on ad-libbing—sparked Faith’s creativity.  She explains, “My first few years of piano training I learned the rules, but learning the Southern Gospel style taught me how to break them. Without that, I probably wouldn’t have ventured out to start composing my own music, or at least not as soon.”

Her first EP, “Wallflower,” was released in the fall of 2013 to favorable reviews. On the heels of that release, Jessica entered her song, “If I Told You,” in the Amplifier Center Stage competition, funded by Hyundai, the “Official Vehicle Partner” of the GRAMMY Awards®. Two-time GRAMMY winner David Guetta–the French music producer and DJ who has sold over six million albums and 15 million singles worldwide—was the 2014 Amplifier Center Stage official Ambassador for the program.

A combination of talent and persistent fans vaulted Jessica to the top of over 2,700 entries as one of three national winners in the contest, along with California band Bonavox and French artist Eyango. As one of the winners, she performed in 2014 at the Gibson Show Room at SXSW in Austin, opening for Allen Stone and Aloe Blacc.

Her first video—to her song “Without A Fight”—was produced in Nashville by Deaton/Flanigen Productions and was released on the GRAMMY’s Youtube channel on January 27th, 2015.

While writing songs for her next release, Jessica is continuing her academics as a DMI Entertainment Industry Studies major at Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi, under the direction of GRAMMY award-winning songwriter, Tricia Walker. Walker observes, “Jessica has a gift for fresh lyrics and sensible, memorable melodies. Wonderful to hear in such a young talent.”

The young ‘wallflower’ has matured as a singer/songwriter a great deal since writing and nervously performing her first song back in the ninth grade.  She is gaining notoriety on a national scale and turning heads with her talent.  The lyrics to one of her songs are more than appropriate for her as an artist: “I think I’ve figured out what the world’s about, and if I can’t fit in, I might as well stand out.” And she’s doing just that… standing out.

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  • Jessica has been learning piano since the fourth grade, dabbled in guitar since she was fifteen, owns two autoharps, has learned three chords in her 30 minutes playing the mandolin, and is a proficient kazoo player.
  • “Jessica Faith” is her actual name…but “Faith” isn’t her actual last name.
  • Jessica’s talented mother has a degree in Vocal Music, but her father can only whistle.  Badly.
  • Jessica has performed at South By Southwest (SXSW) in Austin, TX, as well as at Rhodes College in Memphis, the Mike Curb Cafe in Nashville, and at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles (with the DMI Allstars).
  • Jessica is a little OCD but loves to procrastinate and is very afraid of spiders but doesn’t mind snakes and is normally a grammar Nazi but apparently not now.



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  1. I like your new bio!!

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