my brain has been on spring break for 3 weeks (Thursday Thoughts)

The blog post title is oh, so painfully true.

SORRY GUYS FOR MY ABSENCE.  I was sick forever (with a bad cold and also with something that is totally legit called “Senioritis”) and these weeks have just FLOWN by.  Anyway, here are some bits of news:

  1. My Kickstarter campaign ends at 11:59 tonight!  If you’d still like to donate, there’s a few hours left!
  2. I am, however, fully funded for this project! YAY! THANK Y’ALL SO MUCH!
  3. I’m leaving tomorrow for a spring break mission trip (I’m very excited) and will be starting on Kickstarter rewards when I get back.  If you donated via Kickstarter, expect an email/some sort of communication from me in the next couple of weeks 🙂
  4. I’m currently waiting on the World’s Slowest Jump Drive to get session files for a couple of my songs and will be recording more vocals this afternoon.  Getting close to finishing recording, and the songs will be ready to send off for duplication in just a few weeks!
  5. I RAN A WHOLE MILE TODAY WITHOUT STOPPING.  (This is a HUGE accomplishment for me.  I also registered for a 5K.  I have a long way to go… Haha.)

So, yeah.  There’s a few things.  Later!


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