Tired. Just tired. (Monday Musings)


(Memes are probably the best thing to come out of this century, to be honest.)


Aside from being “tired, just tired,” I’m also “busy, just busy” this semester, which I guess is preparing me for the real world (ew).  An internship, three extremely part-time jobs, lovely classes such as Statistics and Business Finance, my obligations at the Wesley Foundations, and this senior project are making it very difficult to find time for all the sleep I want/need, but it’s so worth it.  It’d be better if this semester had another month, though, because I have no idea if I can get everything done… This project might kick my butt.  Budgets and scheduling and research and actually getting things done are proving to be challenging.

Anyway, if you’re one who’s been sharing my blog and Facebook posts, thank you SO, SO MUCH!  With your help, my posts have been viewed by over 6,000 people in the past week and my video was watched over 1,000 times.  I couldn’t have done that by myself!

As a sort of “thank you” and a challenge to myself to get busy and get over my fear of my YouTube channel, I am going to start posting videos on YouTube of me singing/playing original and cover songs every Sunday night.  Comment any requests and I’ll try my best to learn them!

Also, check out my “media” page for more awesome photos from last weekend’s photoshoot with my super-talented aunt…and stay tuned for more project updates!


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