Hello again! (Monday Musings)

I say this every time, but MAN, it’s been a while…

(Side note: Is it really 2017??) 

It’s taken me such a long time to write this post (seriously, I’ve been sitting here for 45 minutes being distracted by Stats homework and the amazing Charlie Worsham’s new song).  After what feels like forever (and it really is.  Four years!), I finally have some news…

I’m (FINALLY!) recording and planning the release of a brand new EP!

As part of my senior project (can you believe I’m graduating in May?), I’m working on this new EP that will be released sometime near the end of April.  I’m still hashing out the details and figuring out some exciting stuff for me and for y’all, but just know that awesome things are on the way.

I’ve made some plans already and taken a few steps (such as a photoshoot with my awesome and talented photographer aunt for some much-needed updated artist photos), but I have so much more to do.  This is where YOU come in.  I need your help spreading the word!  So please (pretty please) like and share my posts and somehow convince everyone you know to hit the “like” and “follow” buttons at the very bottom of this page and check out Jessica Faith on social media.  Currently, I can thank you with the words “thank you” and with virtual hugs.  Maybe in the future I can do more…

Stay tuned for big updates in the coming weeks!

-Jessica Faith

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  1. I just wanted to say I loved listening to you at the Barnes wedding, I asked your name hope you didn’t mind. I searched your name and I found this blog. I hope God keeps blessing you! Tracie Hayes

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