The Search is On

So, some of you may know that, as of right now, I’ve been living in Nashville (well, Ashland City) for 9 days.


For those of you who don’t know, I’ll fill you in: I’m interning at a music production company called Kim Copeland Productions (KCP).


My internship duties consist of the usual errand-running, but I also get to hang out in the studio with talented musicians/engineers/singers and see what all goes into recording demos and learn some production tricks.  My big job for the summer is booking a tour for one of KCP’s young artists and it’s terrifying but I’m learning so much!

Anyway, I’m blessed to be staying with a wonderful family in Ashland City, TN (about a 35-minute drive from my office) with a couple of friends/fellow DMI students.  We/I have been gallivanting about the city (kind of) and have plans to keep doing so.  Last week, I spent most of my time driving around to get my bearings.  I’m proud to say that, in certain areas of the city, I don’t even need my GPS to find my way.

(Pretty proud of that accomplishment.)

I’ve been listening to fantastic music (by stealing CDs from my house-family?) and am finally going to see some live music tonight.  I had pecan pancakes from the famed Pancake Pantry after standing in line for 40 minutes at noon on a Saturday.  I’m actually looking at the Pancake Pantry right now from my seat inside Provence Bakery & Cafe, where I’ve just consumed a fantastic latte.

The search is on for the best (by my standards, though I’m not yet sure what those are) coffee shop in Nashville.  So far I’ve visited four (can you tell that my coffee addiction is getting worse?).  Maybe by the end of the summer I’ll have a definitive ranking to post.

Don’t worry, I actually have a way to fund my coffee-drinking habit… I got a job as a concessions cashier at the Bridgestone Arena!  I’ll only be working 6-7 event nights over the next two months (that’s sure to be crazy…) but it’s sure to be an experience…

I’ll admit, Provence is playing some pretty good music to this slow afternoon crowd… Maybe that’ll be an area on my “great coffee shop” evaluation? Music, atmosphere, price, clientele…

Anyway, I gotta run.

-Jessica Faith

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  1. I love coffee…….

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