Los Angeles…and beyond

So, I had a super time in L.A.  And while I’m kind of glad to be back to real life and cheaper food and sweet tea, I’m also not glad to be back to nasty weather and schoolwork and stress.

The first day: We made the trip out to Venice Beach and Santa Monica, and it was a completely gorgeous and perfect day (aside from my mistake of ordering fish and chips).  Some of us rented bikes and rode the couple miles along the beach to the Santa Monica Pier.  The weather was beautiful and I love riding bikes and I had a great time with great friends and ate the most wonderful fresh fruit and cream popsicles.  That evening, we moved hotels and spent some time in Hollywood.  I ate dinner at Yamashiro, this Japanese restaurant in the Hollywood Hills with an amazing view. (See below for a moving photograph of our mascot, the Fighting Okra, staring out the window at the city lights).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The second day: This was our work day, which was totally fun as you can tell by the photo of us performing onstage that evening.  That morning was a whirlwind of setting up for our performance (as well as setting up for Southern Halo’s performance on the terrace…they were phenomenal!).  There was also an educational program where Tricia Walker, Cedric Burnside, and Bobby Rush taught high school students about the blues.  Our sound check that afternoon went really well, and so did the performance!

The third day: We spent the day exploring Hollywood and Beverly Hills…and even Rodeo Drive.  (I touched a $7000 dress at Louis Vuitton.  It was exhilarating and terrifying.)  That night we went to Universal’s CityWalk and most of us ate some wonderful Italian-ish food.

The fourth day: DISNEYLANNNNNDDDDDDD. (What more can I say?)

The fifth day: Doesn’t even really count.  It was bumpy plane ride from L.A. and Chinese food in Dallas and back to the cold in Memphis.

Overall, I had a fantastic time.  However, it made me realize–once again–that Los Angeles will never be my city.  I’d love to visit when I can (and the weather is just perfect) but I would never, ever want to live there (or at least not for long).  I don’t mean to offend anyone with this statement.  It’s just not for me.

Now that I’m back to reality, I’m working on internship applications (help) for this summer, and I’m getting ready/getting excited for the grand opening week of GRAMMY Museum® Mississippi!

Look for a post in the next few weeks regarding what is sure to be a crazy Grand Opening Week (and a look at my sure-to-be-thrilling spring break, which I’ll spend doing most likely nothing).

Until next time!

-Jessica Faith


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  1. Cool slide show!

  2. Well done, Jessica….I hear ya on LA:)

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