2015…where’d you go?

Usually, good things come to those who wait.  I’m not sure if that applies to those of you (if it’s even any of you) who have been waiting breathlessly for Jessica Faith’s newest blog post.

2015 was a complete whirlwind.  Really.  On this chilly Sunday afternoon, I’m painting a hand-me-down bike (given to me by a kind church member who heard that my beloved Schwinn was stolen last semester) and sifting through the pages of last year’s planner (which is, coincidentally, almost the same shade of blue as the spray paint dusting my fingernails).  Nearly every page–excluding a few blissful weeks of vacation–is filled with endless crossed-out (and some uncrossed) “to-do’s.”  Today I’m reliving the old year and planning the new (in my new-and-improved, adorable, larger, also-the-same-shade-of-blue 2016 planner).

2015 took me far.  This January and February will be much like the last…  Once again, I’m a member of the DMI Allstars, an auditioned group of DMI students selected to perform at “Mississippi Night” during GRAMMY Week at the GRAMMY Museum® at L.A. Live.  Last year, I visited to West Coast for the first time (and I am so looking forward to going back for seconds).

Being an Allstar was an unforgettable experience (as well as most of the experiences on that trip, such as driving in L.A. traffic, meeting Mickey Mouse, and getting sick at the Venice Beach Freak Show).  Our 2015 group had the awesome opportunity to open (twice) for Band of Legends (a group of musicians who recorded and played live with Mississippi’s own Elvis Presley) and The Band Perry.  We were awarded “Best Band in Cleveland” and were simply wonderful.  Thankfully, the majority of those members are back for 2016, with a couple more that I know will be just as great.


In May and June, I travelled even further.  I had the honor of being selected to participate in the “Rivers of Music–Rivers of Culture” exchange between DSU and Perm State University in Perm, Russia.

Yep, Russia.

Our exchange consisted of having a few Russian’s over for our International Conference on the Blues, several tele bridge sessions during the spring semester, and a two-week trip to Perm and Moscow.

It. Was. Amazing.  Totally life changing and totally crazy and just the best two weeks of my life.

If you’d like to learn more about the grant, see some awesome photos by the amazing Rory Doyle, and  read about some of our experiences, check out the trip blog here.

If you’d like to read my daily journal entries from the trip (warning: it doesn’t get interesting until Entry #10 and it’s totally all my opinions) check it out here.


Those were a couple of the “big” events of 2015… The rest of the year was just crazy busy and a constant learning process.  I’ve become even more involved at the DMI, the Wesley, and even on the rest of campus at DSU by starting as a Delta Diplomat student recruiter.  I have experienced so many facets of the music industry, both in the real world and for class projects.  I’ve dabbled in live sound, recording technology, the record label business, publishing, indie-type self-promotion and social media management, production for live events and studio recordings, and so much more.  I have been SO incredibly busy, but I am glad for all of these responsibilities and these experiences and for a chance to work in areas of the entertainment industry that, as a solo artist, I may not have otherwise.

There have been tragedies and heartbreaks and great joy and excitement and stress and fun all wrapped into an awesome year, and I’ve come out of it even more in love with my school and my major and life and excited (and terrified) for the future.

So, for 2016?  I already know that this spring semester (it starts in a week…) is going to be CRAZY busy, but I’ll try to keep from being stress-paralyzed and maybe sacrifice some Netflix time to write a little more.  Be on the lookout for some new music (if I can ever get in the studio) and updates on the crazy life of Jessica Faith…


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