Been a while…

So, I’m not really any good at this blogging thing…

I honestly can’t believe that last semester has already passed and that I’ve already lived through a week of this one.  People always told me that time flies faster and faster as you get older, but I didn’t realize that age 20 is when it starts.

Okay. So.


School, mostly.  Accounting and fun subjects like that.  Met Ben Rector and Jon McLaughlin. Played several gigs and auditioned and interviewed to be part of some very cool things for 2015…

In less than three weeks, I’m going with the DMI Allstars band to Los Angeles for Mississippi Night during GRAMMY Week.  I’ve never been to the west coast or part of a performing band like this, so I’m really excited!

And then, in about four months, I’ll be leaving with a group of more amazing DMI students and professors for Perm, Russia as part of an exchange program with Perm State University.  Scary but exciting, right?

Thinking back on a year ago to those “semi-New Year’s resolutions”….


Until next time,

Jessica Faith

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