almost time

Welllll, it’s been a while.


Lots-but-not-really-lots has transpired since I last wrote.  I’m seriously enjoying my second year at college, but it’s gotten considerably busier.  I’m more involved with the awesomeness that is Grammy U, and I have a cool job where I get to write songs with 5th/6th grade kids (when I’m not wanting to strangle them).  (Just kidding.)  (Seriously.  I love them.)  (But really.)


Anyway, I feel like a super boring person (even though maybe I’m really not) because there’s just TOO MUCH to talk about and well yeah.



So here’s a sneak peek of something cool:



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.02.27 PM







Just a screenshot of what’s to come–the “Without a Fight” music video!  I received the first version/edit/whatchamacallit and sent back corrections, so the actual finished product should be here SOON!

Stay tuned… It’s almost time…

-Jessica Faith

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.01.24 PM

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