good things come…

Last week.  Wow.  This summer.  This year.  Wow.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Wednesday was a little rough–I’m told that pre-production days always are–but, hey, lessons learned.  I spent the morning wandering downtown Nashville with a camera crew/a dozen guys trailing behind me.  The awesome guys from Nashville’s Gear Seven (GearSeven? Sorry guys.  I’m trying to throw in a plug here.  Trying.)  followed me basically the entire trip to document all the behind-the-scenes footage that will show my journey through the Hyundai Grammy Amplifier program.

With cameras in my face all day, it was a little annoying.  But I got to spend time in one of the studios at Blackbird Academy–where Martina McBride records, it is GORGEOUS–and hang out with awesome musicians and engineers, so that made it a little more okay.  Casey James (former American Idol contestant, country/rock/blues/etc. musician) stopped by to talk and offered some really great advice.  You know, that kind of advice that you KNOW applies to you and you KNOW you need to hear it, but it terrifies you into thinking that you have to make immediate decisions regarding the rest of your entire life/career/etc. and it freaks you out and yeah.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I don’t make sense, but okay.  Casey was incredibly kind and I’m so thankful he took the time to stop by.  (Seriously.)

I really learned a lot in the past week.  A lot about creativity, the music business, and–most of all and most importantly–myself.

Sadly, I have neither the time nor the patience nor the appropriate platform to share all of these lessons at the moment.

Thursday.  Wow.  I slept late (for maybe the first time ever this summer) and got to ride in the red Genesis Coupe (I think that’s the name of the car..? I am NOT a car person…) and it was lovely and then the real/best work began.  After hours of makeup and hair–it takes a lot for me to look good, ha–we could finally begin the shoot.

I just don’t even want to tell you.  I think I’ll make you all wait to watch the video.

Though I don’t have a clear date on when the video will be finished, it will be sometime by mid-October, and I’ll probably put it on my YouTube channel (remember that, the channel I’ve used once…? Ha.)


(Not to say that shooting the music video wasn’t wonderful.  It was amazing, and about 432489 times more fun than I thought it’d be.)

(Also, this was two days after the shoot.  I shouldn’t skip ahead of myself like this.  Well.  Whatever.)


I already had tickets for my best friend and me to see Switchfoot at Magic Springs on August 9th.  Little did I know that I’d actually get to meet the band.


Because a member of the video team had called ahead and set up the meeting, I guess they’d been told about me, because when I introduced myself as Jessica Faith, they (I can’t remember which of the five said it first, but Jon Foreman, the band’s frontman, said it for sure) said: “Oh, yeah, the artist.”

Jon Foreman called me an artist?

Life = validated.

(If you haven’t gathered, I completely admire Jon Foreman’s songwriting/artistry.  Completely.)

The guys talked to me about the video, what I’m doing next, all kinds of cool stuff.  THEY WERE SO COOL. AND NICE.

Life = complete.

The thing that got me is this: two years ago, my best friend bought a ticket for me to go to the Switchfoot concert two years ago with her, but I couldn’t go because I was at camp, which is where I wrote the song “Without a Fight,” which is the song used for the music video, and people I know because of this experience helped me actually meet the band.

How awesome is that?

I am really having difficulties finishing this blog post. Gee. Sorry. Um. I’m gonna call it quits now.

-Jessica Faith


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  1. What a wonderful ‘turn of events’ that your were writing “Without A Fight” which got you to the video which got you to meet Switchfoot…life is strange…and WONDERFUL…every moment is a gift…enjoy the ride:)

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