currently between stylists…

So, this whole music video thing has been/will be an experience.

I have mixed feelings about it all…


Anxiousness: Because this is an obviously new experience for me, and I really don’t know HOW it’s all going down.

Nervousness: See above.  Or are nervous/anxious the same thing..?

Stress: Because I only have a week.

Only a week.  To do all that I must do to prepare for all I must do…

I guess I’d better explain.

The pre-production meeting went well.  Quite well.  The Grammys have set me up with a great team of professionals (a production team including George Flanigen and director Matt Singleton).  The meeting situation was a bit nerve-wracking: I sat at the head of a table of 8 men and one other woman, with the power to make or veto any decisions.  I’m not used to being in charge, but the group made it easier for me: lots of laughing, many kind words, and great ideas and advice.

The first big order of business was obvious: which song?  I didn’t know that I’d have the choice–I thought I’d simply do the song I won with, “If I Told You,” but they gave me options: “Without a Fight” or “If I Told You.”  After a little deliberation and listening to a few professional opinions, I/we choose to pursue ideas for “Without a Fight.”

I was a little surprised that everyone liked this song so much, but I’m happy with the choice.  I wrote and recorded this song at DMI camp two years ago.  Like this whole music video experience, it was a time of excitement and nerves and a little bit of displacement that all worked out fabulously in the end: if it weren’t for camp, I might have made a different college choice.

I think I’ll keep our ideas secret for a while longer… Mostly because it’s hard to explain.  But I’m really excited about the concept for the video and I honestly can’t wait to share it.

In a way, this song–you can listen to it on my Soundcloud profile, if you’ve never heard it before–is perfect… It’s about feeling like you don’t quite belong, and about finding a way to escape that feeling in a way that’s determined or even defiant, instead of cowardly.

I hope that I’ll make it through this experience in that way.  This is all so new to me: the music business, the team of professionals, all of it.  My job for the next week is to “create my image” and “style” and I feel such pressure to get it right.  Like I said, this is all new to me, this whole world.  I was asked if I had a stylist, and my only response was to laugh.

Me? Jessica, from southeast Arkansas? Me, the girl who’s spent her entire summer in a tomato shed?  Me, the girl who’s had maybe two dozen shows in her whole life? Jessica, who’s currently wearing a giant t-shirt, old pajamas, with her hair piled on top of her head, glued to her computer?

Yeah. “I’m currently between stylists.”

*laughs manically*

It just goes to show how many different worlds there are on this earth.

So, as I prepare for Round 2 of this crazy ride, I’ll be spending my week immersed in All Things Pinterest, and a little bit of music, hopefully.

Speaking of music (the whole reason for this blog, duh), check out my updated “Upcoming Shows” page.  This Saturday, I’ll be the “entertainment” at the weekly “Market in the Park” in Monticello, AR.  I’ll be playing from 8-11 am, and you should totally come by and check out the cool vendors (jewelry, baked goods, produce, all kinds of good stuff) and listen to some old-and-new tunes.

Then, in September, I have the opportunity to play at Otherfest, an annual music festival in Cleveland, MS.  More news to come as far as that goes!

So, if you would, come come come support me, and if you can’t, your thoughts and prayers–ESPECIALLY for the next week–would be GREATLY appreciated.

Alright, back to Pinterest.

-Jessica Faith


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  1. Fabulous, Jessica!!! “In between stylists…” …that would be me…99% of the time:) You’ve got a great team working with you, and as you well know, it’s not about being ‘famous,’ but this will be an INCREDIBLE experience to add to your resume` and press kit…this is the sort of thing that ‘bumps you up the ladder’ in a wonderful way…take advantage of it! We’re SO glad you came to camp a couple of summers ago….we get to brag on you:)

  2. Stephanie Wishard July 31, 2014 — 3:41 am

    Jessica you’ve got this!!! I’m very proud of you and love you bunches! Have the time of your life!!! Can’t wait to hear all about it😊

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