could be worse

Once again, I’m an awful blogger.

Oh, well. There are worse things to be.

I’ve realized that I’m failing at my New Year’s Resolutions.

Oh, well. There are worse things that I could be doing.

Oh, I need more sleep. Meaning, I need to go to bed before the sun actually sets. Getting “up ‘n at ’em” at 5:15 every morning to go make the money I need for, well, life…it’s not exactly any teenager-young adult’s ideal choice for the summer months.

Oh, well. There are worse things.

* * * * *

So, my summer thus far has consisted of work, reading, and spending time with friends and family, which is actually kind of awesome because I enjoy all of these things. Sadly, though, I’ve neglected music.

(Obviously, I’m still listening to it. I’ve been tuning into the local pop radio station lately, which means that Katy Perry and JT and Ariana Grande’s “Problem” are always stuck in my head, which is a little more of a curse than a blessing in some cases.)

No, I’ve just been neglecting to create music. And I really, really need to. It’s cathartic. The best kind of release. And don’t get me started on how much I need to practice piano and guitar…

I’ve been so lazy.

But, maybe I’ll be able to (ahem, work up the energy/motivation to) work on my music more in the near future. I have a few exciting experiences coming up…

1.) Perfecting my own version of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.”

(Because…why not?)

2.) A gig at the Lake Village Farmers’ Market this Saturday.

(I need a set list. Help.)

3.) FINALLY claiming the prize for winning the GRAMMY U Amplifier contest (once again, THANK YOU). We’ll be shooting a music video in Nashville at the end of July!

(I don’t know where or how or who yet, but hopefully I will, soon… And hopefully I’ll figure out an effective way to combat the heat of July in the south…)

4.) Mayyyyyyybe possibly probably yes a concert in August that I’ve been dying to go to… We’ll see…

(I don’t want to talk about it much, just in case I jinx it. But. Yes.)

* * * * *

So. If you’re in the Lake Village, AR area this Saturday, June 21st, stop by the Lake Village Farmers’ Market around 9am and hear me–as my grandmother says–“womp out a few tunes on the piano” and enjoy the fruits and veggies and crafts.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.

Oh. Except for this picture of a llama. Enjoy.

-Jessica Faith

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  1. The llama is just……wow.

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