-ness mess and south by southwest

While I have been busy over the past couple of weeks—adjusting to school again after spring break, essay and speech writing, attending conferences, being awesome—I’ve also been lazy and spent way too much time watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Downtown Abbey (which I now kind of despise).

So, the –nesses (business and laziness) are to blame for my tardy post on the experience that was SXSW.

Although my best friend/travelling companion (whom you met in the last post, shame upon her for hijacking it) and I filmed a small clip about the experience upon our return home, I suppose that it doesn’t exactly do it justice.  (I was going to post the clip on here, but my computer and my blog got into a fight and it just wouldn’t work so HEY why not make a YouTube channel and just post the video there?)

So let me now apologize for this belated post about one of the most awesome life experiences ever.


The South By Southwest (SXSW) Experience


It was South by Southwest

And through Austin-town,

The musicians were stirring—

Music heard all around.

Setlists were painstakingly prepared

In hopes that a label exec would be there

Amps and guitars and pedals in masses

And suits talking business and raising their glasses

A whole other world, the entire scene seemed,

To a girl in a dress who realized a dream

She’d been voted and chosen to come to this place

So she’d done her nails and made up her face

Separated, she was, from her company of three

On the first night to attend a Grammy party

To meet, greet, smile, and interview

She met the other winning acts, too

Amazing, they were, and all from abroad

Were they attractive foreigners, or demigods?

Nevertheless talented beyond measure

To meet them all, it was her pleasure.

The next day, after the parties and fuss,

‘Twas time to load the 13-passenger bus

And dine with an important person or two

And then the winners arrived at the venue

Hours of frenzied stops and starts,

And meetings with others who dabbled in arts

Interviews, photos, video cameras

With no one whose last name was…Samara…

(Camera is a hard rhyme, okay?)

And finally, the time came at last

(When already half of the evening had passed)

The girl and the winners had a photo op

With singers who are the cream of the crop

Allen Stone and Aloe Blacc—

Two young men who are bringing soul back


OKAY I thought I could do this but I just can’t force these atrocious rhymes any longer.  Plus, my excitement cannot be contained in a stanza when talking about Allen and Aloe.

Those guys.  They’re for real.


The concert was great.  GREAT.  It was so cool to perform there…so cool to walk back in the Green Room and see Aloe Blacc sitting on the couch and shake hands with Allen Stone again.


Anyway, the two KILLED it.  Whatever “it” is, it’s dead now because they KILLED it. Gah.  Such talent.  Such awesome, awesome talent.  And I was right in the middle of it.  (Quite literally.  Being the only girl had its advantages.)

Bonavox, Jessica Faith, Eyango, and Aloe Blacc
Bonavox, Jessica Faith, Eyango, and Aloe Blacc

Oh, and they announced the prizes… I won the chance to make a music video with an award-winning director.  PRETTY COOL, RIGHT?  Even though I’m the most awkward person who has ever been in front of a camera, I’m sure it’ll be great…something to put on my YouTube channel, at least.  AWESOME.

Anyway, after a weekend of meeting amazing new people and being treated like somewhat of a celebrity and a road trip with three of my favorite people, school was kind of a letdown.  BUT.  I’ve been insanely busy these past couple weeks and have had a couple more performances and life is good.  Busy, but good.

Sorry this post took so long.  Sorry for my atrocious poetry.

Until next time…

-Jessica Faith


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  1. It’s all about learning how to balance the ‘wow’ moments with the mundane…well done!

  2. I am ready to be a groupie again. Glad I am one of your favorite people! 🙂

  3. Thank you for giving me my first chance at being a roadie!!! By the way, you are correct, they KILLED IT!!!!

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