what is jet lag?

I am tired.

I mean, this is normal–especially for college students, I guess–but I don’t think I could get off the couch if I tried.

And that’s totally okay.

It’s been an AWESOME week.

(Okay, apparently pizza is a good enough motivator for me to try to get off the couch…)


Flew in a plane for the first (four) time(s).  Very cool, though sometimes stressful… (That third flight, though. Let’s just say it involved lateness, Home Alone-style running, annoyed people, and a cat.)  I’ve now been to Chicago…well…the airport…BUT THAT TOTALLY COUNTS.  It’s…it’s a biggish airport, okay?  I’ve ridden the Metro (D.C.’s subway system) like a pro and learned The Rule of Escalators.  (Apparently it’s an unwritten rule for the left side of the escalator stairs to be the “passing lane” for always-in-a-hurry-city-people [whoa. I sound like a hillbilly saying that] to rush down ahead of those who stand on the right side.)  I’ve now experienced the horror of hearing a waitress say, “We don’t have sweet tea,” and I’ve paid ungodly amounts of money for airport food (yikes.).  I’ve seen the Washington Monument, walked beside the reflecting pool, and stood in the very spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  I’ve wandered (literally) the streets of D.C. in search of landmarks, trekked up Capitol Hill, snapped photos of Abe Lincoln’s hat and Dorothy’s ruby slippers and I’ve seen the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Magna Carte–the original, few-hundred-years-old documents.  I went to the White House–the actual place–and actually walked inside and attended a program involving Patti LaBelle, Janelle Monae, and Melissa Etheridge, and I’ve heard the First Lady tell a room full of teenagers–including me–, “Whatever you do, do it until your butt comes off.”

Now, I know that probably tons of proud Americans (and maybe others) have done all of this (except maybe to be told by Michelle Obama to do something until your butt comes off) and more, but the point is… I never thought this would happen to me.  I’m so lucky and blessed to have been able to have these experiences and share them with somewhat surprisingly amazing people.

My favorite picture of the trip?

Selfie with Mariachi

Kidding, kidding.  It is pretty great, though: “Unashamed Selfie with the Mariachi on Capitol Hill.”

Really, though, this is my favorite:

capitol building

So, yes.  D.C. was great.

And now I’m on Spring Break (it’s super early in Mississippi, apparently) and it’s awesome.

Here’s what’s going for me now…

My sneaky aunt told the people at Good Morning Arkansas that they should have me on the show, and it seems that I will be.  So tune in to Channel 7, fellow Arkansans, at 9:40 a.m. on Monday, March 10th to see my live interview (awkward) and performance on GMAR.

So that’s Monday.  But, on Wednesday, my mom, aunt, and best friend and I leave for Austin, TX because….


(It’s this pretty giant annual music-and-film festival in Austin.)

As one of the perks of being a winner of the GRAMMY Amplifier contest, the other winners and I get to perform in a showcase during SXSW, be interviewed, meet people, cool stuff like that.

No, I don’t know which prize I’ve won for the contest yet, but I should (hopefully) know within a month.

Excitement abounds.

-Jessica Faith



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  1. Great post, Jessica…it was a great adventure! Glad you got to go…good luck at SXSW…be sure to post and tweet and we’ll pass it along!

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