short and sweet

I am blessed. So blessed.

I have loving parents who send care packages (with JUNK FOOD. and CHOCOLATE. Is there anything more comforting?).

I have awesome friends. Friends who actually “get” me. And others who don’t, but they appreciate. I guess? Heh.

I attend a university at which the President literally jogs to my dorm in the ice and snow to make sure that all the residents are “doing alright.”

(I’d add more about the college here, but, alas, my lack of anonymity prevents me from doing so.)

(I also attend a university at which students have two snow days in one week and, the next week, are able to wear shorts and flip flops.  Thank you, crazy weather.)

I went through my first job interview and landed my first *real* job today (i.e. one in which none of my blood relatives are employers/employees).

I get to open for some awesome people next Tuesday…

Come Support the DMI

Annnd I’m one of the 10 DMI students who gets to miss a few days of class and skip off to Washington D.C..

SO COOL, RIGHT?! I’ve never flown in an airplane before. (Lord, please don’t let me go the way of Buddy Holly and Otis Redding. My career hasn’t even started yet…) Never been to D.C. before. EXCITEMENT.

And even more awesome news is pending.

So, besides the fact that procrastination (as far as academics are concerned) is so evilly alluring and I have fallen victim to it, life is pretty great.



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  1. Congrats, that’s a lot of stuff to be happy about!! I’m uber-jealous of your junk food, haha! What all is on the agenda for the students going to DC?

  2. Next time I send junk food I will be sure to include James. Just tell me what he likes. Oh, and BTW, academic procrastination = flunking. Think about it, a mind is a terrible thing to waste………..

  3. LOL…great blog Jess! I thoroughly enjoy reading what all is happening as you find yourself in new adventures.

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