First. Blog. Post. EVER.

Well. I guess I’ve got free rein with this thing, now…

That’s kind of a scary thought…

First off, thanks so much to a certain group of DMI students (and their wonderful professor) for basically forcing me to start this website/page/bloggy thingy and helping me get this thing (I keep using that word. I do not think it means what I think it means. Cookies for the person who correctly guesses the origin of that quote.) off the ground.

(Sorry. I have a habit of inserting giant parenthetical [is that the right term?] content in the middle of a sentence and then I get confused as to where I was even going with the sentence, so I know the reader does, too.)

Anyway. I’m so thrilled with all these DMI peeps have been able to help me with. (I knew there was a good reason I went to college.) It’s so cool that my music is on the all-powerful, all-knowing, all-frightening World Wide Web and that I’m actually…like…something that people can Google and, oh, hey, there’s my website and my Twitter feed and every terrible photo I’ve been tagged in on Facebook and my boring Instagram profile and me and me and me and my life 

…but, even then, I don’t think people really know me.

(Well, let’s not be egocentric here, Jessica. Maybe people don’t really care to know you. Maybe they just want your awesome homemade chocolate chip cookies.)

And that’s fine. 

But. Hey. Just in case someone out there wants to know a little bit more about what makes me, well, me… Here’s a bit that I’m willing to share…

* * * * *

– I make spectacular homemade chocolate chip cookies.

– Otherwise, I hate cooking. 

– I love chocolate. (It’s an addiction.)

– I am actually eating chocolate right now…

– I am also addicted to tea. (Strong, sweet, and warm. How I like my men. Ha. Wait. What?)

– Currently listening to “Clueless” by Orla Gartland. (She’s an amazing Irish ginger singer girl. Everyone should know about her. Just saying.)

– The Princess Bride might possibly be my favorite movie ever, but I haven’t really seen many movies, so who knows?

– OHMYGOSH I LOVE THIS SONG. (“Fight to Keep Me” by Natalie Royal, a super talented singer-songwriter/Belmont graduate with the voice of an angel. I met her in Nashville two years ago and she’s just ;oiajsdfj; great.)

– I feel kind of uncultured (is that a word?) or shallow sometimes because it seems like all my friends are reading these important books (a.k.a. non-YA) or poetry and I’m like…here I am, reading this book about teenage spies…


– I’m kind of a large fan of the Gallagher Girls book series (which just ended. It’s…uh…about teenage spies…)

– I’ve only just now seen a picture of Jon Bon Jovi. How did I go 19 years without knowing the face behind YOU GIVE LUH-UH-UHV A BAD NAME!?

– I’m a firm believer in Munchkaloompas. (The evil spawn of Munchkins and Oompa Loompas, Munchkaloompas are mischievous creatures that mess up tidy rooms when they are unoccupied.)

– Annnnd I’ve just let the world know just how strange I am…

– I’m kind of a Grammar Nazi. 

– I feel awkward in, like, allll social situations. Well. Almost. (It’s not you, it’s me. Most likely.)

– I am kind of forgetful. Whoops. 

– I used to be a member of a certain tiny fandom known as…Directioners… (That’s right. I’m owning up to it. One Direction was great in those 2 seconds before they exploded in America. Um. Yeah.)

– I can’t dance. Like. At all. Hence, “Wallflower.”

– I have never watched “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” (Everyone who’s ever known this has recoiled in shock. I’m not quite sure why.)

* * * * *  

So. Yeah. There’s a bit of…yeah. Me.

Should I end with a quote? 

Yes. A quote is in order. 

“Wuv, twu wuv, will fowwo you foweva…”

(A high-five and a cookie for anyone who reads that in the way it is spoken by a certain Impressive Clergymen in a certain film.)


-Jessica Faith 


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  1. XD munchkaloompas, I’m so gonna start using that as an excuse for my messed up room

  2. The Princess Bride. I. Want. My. Cookies.

  3. You = AH-MAZING!

  4. Oh, and you are so random…..squirrel…..just like your mom.

  5. Don’t worry XD I’ve never seen “O Brother, Where Art Thou” either XD XD XD XD Ohmygosh I love the Gallagher Girls…xD

    PS. Heh. I also have a blog/wordpress account. Unfortunately all you will find on mine are blogs about German films XD

  6. Grammar Nazi….love it! Great job, Jessica:)

  7. LOVED the first blog and I will definitely be following!

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