almost time

Welllll, it’s been a while.


Lots-but-not-really-lots has transpired since I last wrote.  I’m seriously enjoying my second year at college, but it’s gotten considerably busier.  I’m more involved with the awesomeness that is Grammy U, and I have a cool job where I get to write songs with 5th/6th grade kids (when I’m not wanting to strangle them).  (Just kidding.)  (Seriously.  I love them.)  (But really.)


Anyway, I feel like a super boring person (even though maybe I’m really not) because there’s just TOO MUCH to talk about and well yeah.



So here’s a sneak peek of something cool:



Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.02.27 PM







Just a screenshot of what’s to come–the “Without a Fight” music video!  I received the first version/edit/whatchamacallit and sent back corrections, so the actual finished product should be here SOON!

Stay tuned… It’s almost time…

-Jessica Faith

Screen Shot 2014-09-19 at 4.01.24 PM

good things come…

Last week.  Wow.  This summer.  This year.  Wow.

I don’t even know where to begin.

Wednesday was a little rough–I’m told that pre-production days always are–but, hey, lessons learned.  I spent the morning wandering downtown Nashville with a camera crew/a dozen guys trailing behind me.  The awesome guys from Nashville’s Gear Seven (GearSeven? Sorry guys.  I’m trying to throw in a plug here.  Trying.)  followed me basically the entire trip to document all the behind-the-scenes footage that will show my journey through the Hyundai Grammy Amplifier program.

With cameras in my face all day, it was a little annoying.  But I got to spend time in one of the studios at Blackbird Academy–where Martina McBride records, it is GORGEOUS–and hang out with awesome musicians and engineers, so that made it a little more okay.  Casey James (former American Idol contestant, country/rock/blues/etc. musician) stopped by to talk and offered some really great advice.  You know, that kind of advice that you KNOW applies to you and you KNOW you need to hear it, but it terrifies you into thinking that you have to make immediate decisions regarding the rest of your entire life/career/etc. and it freaks you out and yeah.  Or maybe that’s just me.  I don’t make sense, but okay.  Casey was incredibly kind and I’m so thankful he took the time to stop by.  (Seriously.)

I really learned a lot in the past week.  A lot about creativity, the music business, and–most of all and most importantly–myself.

Sadly, I have neither the time nor the patience nor the appropriate platform to share all of these lessons at the moment.

Thursday.  Wow.  I slept late (for maybe the first time ever this summer) and got to ride in the red Genesis Coupe (I think that’s the name of the car..? I am NOT a car person…) and it was lovely and then the real/best work began.  After hours of makeup and hair–it takes a lot for me to look good, ha–we could finally begin the shoot.

I just don’t even want to tell you.  I think I’ll make you all wait to watch the video.

Though I don’t have a clear date on when the video will be finished, it will be sometime by mid-October, and I’ll probably put it on my YouTube channel (remember that, the channel I’ve used once…? Ha.)


(Not to say that shooting the music video wasn’t wonderful.  It was amazing, and about 432489 times more fun than I thought it’d be.)

(Also, this was two days after the shoot.  I shouldn’t skip ahead of myself like this.  Well.  Whatever.)


I already had tickets for my best friend and me to see Switchfoot at Magic Springs on August 9th.  Little did I know that I’d actually get to meet the band.


Because a member of the video team had called ahead and set up the meeting, I guess they’d been told about me, because when I introduced myself as Jessica Faith, they (I can’t remember which of the five said it first, but Jon Foreman, the band’s frontman, said it for sure) said: “Oh, yeah, the artist.”

Jon Foreman called me an artist?

Life = validated.

(If you haven’t gathered, I completely admire Jon Foreman’s songwriting/artistry.  Completely.)

The guys talked to me about the video, what I’m doing next, all kinds of cool stuff.  THEY WERE SO COOL. AND NICE.

Life = complete.

The thing that got me is this: two years ago, my best friend bought a ticket for me to go to the Switchfoot concert two years ago with her, but I couldn’t go because I was at camp, which is where I wrote the song “Without a Fight,” which is the song used for the music video, and people I know because of this experience helped me actually meet the band.

How awesome is that?

I am really having difficulties finishing this blog post. Gee. Sorry. Um. I’m gonna call it quits now.

-Jessica Faith


currently between stylists…

So, this whole music video thing has been/will be an experience.

I have mixed feelings about it all…


Anxiousness: Because this is an obviously new experience for me, and I really don’t know HOW it’s all going down.

Nervousness: See above.  Or are nervous/anxious the same thing..?

Stress: Because I only have a week.

Only a week.  To do all that I must do to prepare for all I must do…

I guess I’d better explain.

The pre-production meeting went well.  Quite well.  The Grammys have set me up with a great team of professionals (a production team including George Flanigen and director Matt Singleton).  The meeting situation was a bit nerve-wracking: I sat at the head of a table of 8 men and one other woman, with the power to make or veto any decisions.  I’m not used to being in charge, but the group made it easier for me: lots of laughing, many kind words, and great ideas and advice.

The first big order of business was obvious: which song?  I didn’t know that I’d have the choice–I thought I’d simply do the song I won with, “If I Told You,” but they gave me options: “Without a Fight” or “If I Told You.”  After a little deliberation and listening to a few professional opinions, I/we choose to pursue ideas for “Without a Fight.”

I was a little surprised that everyone liked this song so much, but I’m happy with the choice.  I wrote and recorded this song at DMI camp two years ago.  Like this whole music video experience, it was a time of excitement and nerves and a little bit of displacement that all worked out fabulously in the end: if it weren’t for camp, I might have made a different college choice.

I think I’ll keep our ideas secret for a while longer… Mostly because it’s hard to explain.  But I’m really excited about the concept for the video and I honestly can’t wait to share it.

In a way, this song–you can listen to it on my Soundcloud profile, if you’ve never heard it before–is perfect… It’s about feeling like you don’t quite belong, and about finding a way to escape that feeling in a way that’s determined or even defiant, instead of cowardly.

I hope that I’ll make it through this experience in that way.  This is all so new to me: the music business, the team of professionals, all of it.  My job for the next week is to “create my image” and “style” and I feel such pressure to get it right.  Like I said, this is all new to me, this whole world.  I was asked if I had a stylist, and my only response was to laugh.

Me? Jessica, from southeast Arkansas? Me, the girl who’s spent her entire summer in a tomato shed?  Me, the girl who’s had maybe two dozen shows in her whole life? Jessica, who’s currently wearing a giant t-shirt, old pajamas, with her hair piled on top of her head, glued to her computer?

Yeah. “I’m currently between stylists.”

*laughs manically*

It just goes to show how many different worlds there are on this earth.

So, as I prepare for Round 2 of this crazy ride, I’ll be spending my week immersed in All Things Pinterest, and a little bit of music, hopefully.

Speaking of music (the whole reason for this blog, duh), check out my updated “Upcoming Shows” page.  This Saturday, I’ll be the “entertainment” at the weekly “Market in the Park” in Monticello, AR.  I’ll be playing from 8-11 am, and you should totally come by and check out the cool vendors (jewelry, baked goods, produce, all kinds of good stuff) and listen to some old-and-new tunes.

Then, in September, I have the opportunity to play at Otherfest, an annual music festival in Cleveland, MS.  More news to come as far as that goes!

So, if you would, come come come support me, and if you can’t, your thoughts and prayers–ESPECIALLY for the next week–would be GREATLY appreciated.

Alright, back to Pinterest.

-Jessica Faith

full speed

“They say life is an uphill climb, but I have to disagree.  I say life is a quick decline, running downhill at full speed…”


I don’t know if you ever feel that way, but I certainly do.

“It doesn’t seem right that I never have the time to even watch the sun set.”

Or, I guess, I never make the time.  There’s a difference between having and making time, I suppose.

(I think on these things as my summer slips away…)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m super-super-super excited to get back to school and my surprise-studded routine that’s simultaneously hectic and comfortable.  (I’ve even kind of started packing up my dorm stuff.  No joke.)  But I feel like someone jerked the rug out from under my summer.


I really shouldn’t complain about this summer.  It’s been the best summer I’ve ever had.  Seriously.  I actually kind of got a vacation (my escape from the tomato shed, YAY), I have more than one source of income, I’ve spent time with friends and family and beyond, had some good (and bad) learning experiences, and there’s still more to come.

I finally, finally, FINALLY get to see my favorite band–Switchfoot–perform live (in 18 days, 21 hours, and 32 minutes at the time I am writing this), which is a complete dream come true.  And, hey, I get to go to Nashville (twice) and meet some pretty awesome people (details on that later) and, hey, make a music video.

(More details to come as far as that goes…)

Sometimes I begin writing a post with one central idea in mind and it morphs into something else entirely.  Sometimes I begin with a central idea and end with a meaningless stream of babbling, and I’m sure that no one can even begin to decipher what I’m talking about or “what’s the point.”  Hopefully this is somewhere between the two.  But, just in case:


  • Music video details to come.
  • My summer = gone too quickly, but awesome.
  • Life = a quick decline, running downhill at full speed.

Guess that’s all for now.

Things just need to slow down.

-Jessica Faith


could be worse

Once again, I’m an awful blogger.

Oh, well. There are worse things to be.

I’ve realized that I’m failing at my New Year’s Resolutions.

Oh, well. There are worse things that I could be doing.

Oh, I need more sleep. Meaning, I need to go to bed before the sun actually sets. Getting “up ‘n at ‘em” at 5:15 every morning to go make the money I need for, well, life…it’s not exactly any teenager-young adult’s ideal choice for the summer months.

Oh, well. There are worse things.

* * * * *

So, my summer thus far has consisted of work, reading, and spending time with friends and family, which is actually kind of awesome because I enjoy all of these things. Sadly, though, I’ve neglected music.

(Obviously, I’m still listening to it. I’ve been tuning into the local pop radio station lately, which means that Katy Perry and JT and Ariana Grande’s “Problem” are always stuck in my head, which is a little more of a curse than a blessing in some cases.)

No, I’ve just been neglecting to create music. And I really, really need to. It’s cathartic. The best kind of release. And don’t get me started on how much I need to practice piano and guitar…

I’ve been so lazy.

But, maybe I’ll be able to (ahem, work up the energy/motivation to) work on my music more in the near future. I have a few exciting experiences coming up…

1.) Perfecting my own version of James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.”

(Because…why not?)

2.) A gig at the Lake Village Farmers’ Market this Saturday.

(I need a set list. Help.)

3.) FINALLY claiming the prize for winning the GRAMMY U Amplifier contest (once again, THANK YOU). We’ll be shooting a music video in Nashville at the end of July!

(I don’t know where or how or who yet, but hopefully I will, soon… And hopefully I’ll figure out an effective way to combat the heat of July in the south…)

4.) Mayyyyyyybe possibly probably yes a concert in August that I’ve been dying to go to… We’ll see…

(I don’t want to talk about it much, just in case I jinx it. But. Yes.)

* * * * *

So. If you’re in the Lake Village, AR area this Saturday, June 21st, stop by the Lake Village Farmers’ Market around 9am and hear me–as my grandmother says–“womp out a few tunes on the piano” and enjoy the fruits and veggies and crafts.

Anyway, I guess that’s it for now.

Oh. Except for this picture of a llama. Enjoy.

-Jessica Faith

for everything, there is a season…

Once again, I am a Terrible Awful blogger/lazy bones.

Not that I’ve been actually lazy since last I wrote (which was..??).  I’ve been busy working and reading (a lot) and spending copious amounts of time with my family, both of my grandmothers, and several of my friends, all after studying and acing finals and finishing off my freshman year of college.

Thus, in honor of that momentous occasion (finishing freshman year was not a super-easy feat), I’ve decided to compile a list of some of the valuable lessons I learned during my months away at college.


- Temperature control in dorm rooms is nonexistent. (Take it from someone who slept in shorts under a thin sheet and surrounded by ice packs and fans with the window open during the one week that Mississppi got snow.) You sweat in the winter and wear sweaters in the summer, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

- The library printer. Hate it. Appreciate it.

- Get in the bathroom when you have the chance–the click of the door locking from the other side is the last thing you want to hear when you’re running late in the mornings.

- Don’t be afraid to talk to professors.  Most of them want to help, if for no other reason than to NOT have you in their class again.

- Heh.

- The Caf. (Don’t call it “the cafeteria.” Everyone will know you’re a freshman.) The Caf, the Caf, the Caf… Just. Make sure you stock up on your own food.

- Networking is super-important and it can help you meet people who can help you meet people like Hunter Hayes…

- Speaking of Hunter: Always, ALWAYS have a plan just in case a famous-and-extremely-talented individual speaks to you/compliments you. (Remember: Aloe Blacc = no plan = gibberish = Aloe probably thinks you’re mental. Hunter Hayes = plan = intelligent conversation = Hunter does not file a restraining order.)

Seriously, though. I’ve learned so much about, well, myself, in the past year.  Freshman year was a blast and I have no idea how I’ll top winning the Grammy Amplifier contest, performing at SXSW, meeting Aloe Blacc and Allen Stone and Hunter Hayes, sitting in the White House, playing some awesome gigs, getting to know some amazing professors and friends… I don’t know what can top the Awesomeness That Was Freshman Year, but I won’t worry with that for now.

So, hey, an added Bonus List (yay for lists)…


- It’s the opportune season to rekindle my love for fresh pineapple (yumyumyum).

- It’s the perfect time to work on my cooking skills, with the assistance of my mostly-patient grandmothers and mother…

- It’s the best season to rise before the sun, if one must. (60 degrees in June at 5:30 a.m. is just so much more enjoyable than 8 degrees in the middle of December.)

- It’s still not the time when I figure out how my room gets so messy, every. single. day.

Meanwhile, I’ll berate myself for being a lazy singer-songwriter and start cleaning my room again. But, before I go, a couple of reminders.

I have a limited number of physical copies of “Wallflower” to sell, and I’d love to get rid of all of these before I start on my next album…which will be…soonish…meaning a few months down the road. If you’d like a physical copy, let me know somehow–either by commenting on my blog or maybe my Facebook page, and I’ll see what I can do to get one to you.

As far as digital downloads go, there’s an unlimited number of those, so don’t be selfish. Share this news with your friends! I’ve already received a couple of checks from my digital distributor (they’re framed on my wall. Just kidding. For real, though, I was proud to get them) which means that several people have already bought and downloaded their copies of my music. Your turn! Just search for “Jessica Faith” on iTunes,, or, and you can find my music, maybe write a great review (which would be REALLY awesome of you), purchase and download and listen and learn the words so you can sing along when I finally play a gig near you. ;D

I’m sorry I have to give it to you in this awful paragraph from, but I still can’t figure out how to insert the darn widget thingy that links to my music on iTunes and CDBaby…

Anyway. Thanks for reading.  It’s time to clean.

-Jessica Faith



celebrity encounters

So, I had a pretty awesome Thursday.



So, as some of you may know, I’m one of the winners of a certain Grammy U Amplifier contest, which led to the awesomeness described in my last post.

And, as others (or the same) of you may know, it’s mostly thanks to the amplifiers (aka people who listened and shared my song) that I won.

(THANKS, by the way.)

But, as others/the same may know, the final decision of choosing 3 winners from the top 25 depended on four amazing artists (“curators”) who listened to each of those 25 songs and picked their favorites.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.19.49 PM

I got to personally thank one of those four yesterday…

When I heard that I would have a chance to meet this person, I freaked.


I was sick in my bed a week and a half ago (my awesome mom brought me homemade soup, yay) when I found out via Facebook that I would have the opportunity to meet this person at a GRAMMY U event.  I signed up for it immediately, and pulled all kinds of strings so that I could go. And, with a few other awesome GRAMMY U members, the trip was fantastic.

The “Off the Record” aka Q&A session was at a high school, and about fifty sixteen-year-old girls had heart attacks when the artist walked onstage.

(I mean, some of us college girls probably did the same.)

(After all, it was Hunter Hayes.)

That’s right.  The adorable, phenomenally-talented, slightly-shorter-than-average-height country star, Hunter Hayes.

After an awesome Q&A, GRAMMY U members lined up in front of the stage for a photo with Hunter.  He came out front and started working his way around the bundle of college kids, shaking hands and introducing himself (as if we didn’t already know who he was…).  I was totally prepared for the moment when he made his way to me.  He shook my hand and I said, “You judged the Grammy U Amplifier Contest.”

He said, “Yeah.”

I said something along the lines of, “Well, thank you so much, because you helped me win.”  Then I held out a copy of my CD for him to see the photo on the front–the same one I used for my Amplifier profile–and he recognized it and said something along the lines of, “Oh my gosh” and/or “awesome” and/or “great song!” and/or bursted into song and the entire auditorium erupted into an awesome music number (okay, that totally didn’t happen) BUT WHAT DID HAPPEN is I was excited and he was excited and then he gave me a giant hug.

He said, “That’s awesome!”

I said, “Thanks!”

My heart said *swoon*

(Okay, I’m trying not to gush and sound like a fangirl because, I mean, he’s just a person [though he happens to be an adorable and fantastically talented person] but I’m still a teenage girl [19 & 1/2 is still teenage, right?] and just. yeah.)

So anyway, I think I made a decent impression.  I didn’t lose the ability to speak like I did when Aloe Blacc complimented me (great job, Jessica, GREAT. JOB.).

Afterwards, we girls (the three I travelled with and myself) had a great girl day and decided on a whim to try and buy tickets for Hunter’s concert.  We got four decent seats, and the concert was great and the opening acts were great and that little Hunter Hayes can sing, play, move, and write the heck out of a song.

Just saying.

Oh, hey, here’s a picture.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 1.30.38 PM

(Sorry it’s all chopped off.  Reasons.)

(He makes me feel tall ohmygosh.)

(That never happens.)

(Oh, and I’m WAY happier in this photo than I look.)


* * * * *

Anyway, it was just awesome.  REALLY AWESOME.  Thanks so much to GRAMMY U for making it all possible.

Meanwhile, I procrastinate writing my history paper (again) and pack to go home for the weekend.


(That’s soooo not me, but whatever.)


-Jessica Faith

-ness mess and south by southwest

While I have been busy over the past couple of weeks—adjusting to school again after spring break, essay and speech writing, attending conferences, being awesome—I’ve also been lazy and spent way too much time watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Downtown Abbey (which I now kind of despise).

So, the –nesses (business and laziness) are to blame for my tardy post on the experience that was SXSW.

Although my best friend/travelling companion (whom you met in the last post, shame upon her for hijacking it) and I filmed a small clip about the experience upon our return home, I suppose that it doesn’t exactly do it justice.  (I was going to post the clip on here, but my computer and my blog got into a fight and it just wouldn’t work so HEY why not make a YouTube channel and just post the video there?)

So let me now apologize for this belated post about one of the most awesome life experiences ever.


The South By Southwest (SXSW) Experience


It was South by Southwest

And through Austin-town,

The musicians were stirring—

Music heard all around.

Setlists were painstakingly prepared

In hopes that a label exec would be there

Amps and guitars and pedals in masses

And suits talking business and raising their glasses

A whole other world, the entire scene seemed,

To a girl in a dress who realized a dream

She’d been voted and chosen to come to this place

So she’d done her nails and made up her face

Separated, she was, from her company of three

On the first night to attend a Grammy party

To meet, greet, smile, and interview

She met the other winning acts, too

Amazing, they were, and all from abroad

Were they attractive foreigners, or demigods?

Nevertheless talented beyond measure

To meet them all, it was her pleasure.

The next day, after the parties and fuss,

‘Twas time to load the 13-passenger bus

And dine with an important person or two

And then the winners arrived at the venue

Hours of frenzied stops and starts,

And meetings with others who dabbled in arts

Interviews, photos, video cameras

With no one whose last name was…Samara…

(Camera is a hard rhyme, okay?)

And finally, the time came at last

(When already half of the evening had passed)

The girl and the winners had a photo op

With singers who are the cream of the crop

Allen Stone and Aloe Blacc—

Two young men who are bringing soul back


OKAY I thought I could do this but I just can’t force these atrocious rhymes any longer.  Plus, my excitement cannot be contained in a stanza when talking about Allen and Aloe.

Those guys.  They’re for real.


The concert was great.  GREAT.  It was so cool to perform there…so cool to walk back in the Green Room and see Aloe Blacc sitting on the couch and shake hands with Allen Stone again.


Anyway, the two KILLED it.  Whatever “it” is, it’s dead now because they KILLED it. Gah.  Such talent.  Such awesome, awesome talent.  And I was right in the middle of it.  (Quite literally.  Being the only girl had its advantages.)

Bonavox, Jessica Faith, Eyango, and Aloe Blacc

Bonavox, Jessica Faith, Eyango, and Aloe Blacc

Oh, and they announced the prizes… I won the chance to make a music video with an award-winning director.  PRETTY COOL, RIGHT?  Even though I’m the most awkward person who has ever been in front of a camera, I’m sure it’ll be great…something to put on my YouTube channel, at least.  AWESOME.

Anyway, after a weekend of meeting amazing new people and being treated like somewhat of a celebrity and a road trip with three of my favorite people, school was kind of a letdown.  BUT.  I’ve been insanely busy these past couple weeks and have had a couple more performances and life is good.  Busy, but good.

Sorry this post took so long.  Sorry for my atrocious poetry.

Until next time…

-Jessica Faith

I am terrible at being a girl

Growing up as a barefoot tomboy ensured that I would never be a girly-girl, and it’s true.

Makeup…who needs it?  Since I don’t wear much—which earns disapproving glances from my mother (YES, YOU, MOM.)—I don’t even really know how to apply it.  And when I’m forced to wear makeup, I remove it as soon as possible.  (After my television appearance on Monday, I rushed back to the hotel and immediately washed my face.)  My hair?  Yeah, it’s an unruly mane, and what I do to “fix” it takes maybe ten minutes (partly because, as aforementioned, it’s an unruly mane, but mostly because I’m lazy).  Clothes?  I’d love to wear what I’m wearing now—old jeans, Keds, and a giant, comfortable flannel shirt—all the time.  I hate shopping.  I hate heels.  My one redeeming quality, however, is that I do like dresses.

Not to give the impression that I’m boyish—I’m not.  I’m just lazy.  And.  Yeah.  Not sure how to make this sound any better.

Anyway, what prompted this confession was my visit to the nail salon today.  My first-ever manicure/pedicure, an experience prompted by my persistent favorite aunt.

Now, I’m not saying it was the worst experience of my life.  The lady whose misfortune was to work on my feet was really sweet, and it was kind of nice to be pampered.  But it took three hours.  THREE.  HOURS.  Not even really sure why, but it did.  And I guess it was worth it, because my nails look awesome and my feet look better.

But, alas, within the first five minutes out of the salon (this is for real.  It was probably LESS than five minutes)…I destroyed my pedicure.




I was distraught—did I really just spend three hours of my life and that much of my aunt’s money only to ruin the product of the pedicure?!


But then I realized: “Nobody will be looking at your feet.”  (Except for Leonardo Da Vinci, for those of you awesome people who have seen “Ever After” aka the best Cinderella movie ever.)  And, also, my aunt smudged the paint on her toes, too.  SO IT’S ALL GOOD.

* * * * *

En route to Austin… My best friend, Lizzie, and I are in the backseat working on either schoolwork or, hey, this blog, and my mom and her sister are busy being the same person.  Mom thought that these were yaks, but it turns out that they are actually highland cattle from Scotland…


HELLO, WORLD!!!! … Ahem…

Aren’t the yaks (“highland cattle” AKA Scottish term for yak) wonderful?  They were actually kind of scary at first because I was under the false impression that Miss Jessica Faith’s mother was going to have us get out of the car and, you know, actually take a picture WITH the yaks.  Thank God I was mistaken.

So, here we are sitting in a rather sketchy hotel somewhere Texas.  At any rate, we’re all on our various electronic devices (Faith’s happens to be a hair dryer at the moment, which has afforded me the opportunity to abduct her lovely blog *insertevillaughshere* HELLO, ALL!  JESSICA’S BEST FRIEND HERE! Yeah… So…

Is anyone else super STOKED that Jessica is opening for the singer of AVICII’S “WAKE ME UP!” on Friday night?!  Oh my GOODNESS… Perhaps she will be discovered! (Well, not that she isn’t already, but even moreso, you know.)

OH WOW her hair is looking LOVELY right now…  XD  She has since abandoned the hair dryer.  I’m starting to ramble…

She now says “I am frightened… Lizzie…”  Like she thinks I would tell all of you something incredibly embarrassing like the time she… well, never mind. DON’T BE GIVIN ME THAT LOOK, GIRLLL!  THERE AIN’T NOTHING TO SEE HERE! *purposefullyusesterriblegrammarjusttoaggitateher*

Because it seems like a pillow fight will break out at any moment now, I shall take my leave.  GOODBYE, BLOG WORLD!

-Lizzie (AKA best friend of the lovely Jessica Faith)

… Why is there a dent in this ceiling… Okay I’m really leaving this time.  Bye!

* * * * *

And, yes, world.  That wonderful creature is my best friend.

Perhaps tomorrow you’ll be introduced to the other members of this party, my mother and my aunt…


-Jessica Faith

what is jet lag?

I am tired.

I mean, this is normal–especially for college students, I guess–but I don’t think I could get off the couch if I tried.

And that’s totally okay.

It’s been an AWESOME week.

(Okay, apparently pizza is a good enough motivator for me to try to get off the couch…)


Flew in a plane for the first (four) time(s).  Very cool, though sometimes stressful… (That third flight, though. Let’s just say it involved lateness, Home Alone-style running, annoyed people, and a cat.)  I’ve now been to Chicago…well…the airport…BUT THAT TOTALLY COUNTS.  It’s…it’s a biggish airport, okay?  I’ve ridden the Metro (D.C.’s subway system) like a pro and learned The Rule of Escalators.  (Apparently it’s an unwritten rule for the left side of the escalator stairs to be the “passing lane” for always-in-a-hurry-city-people [whoa. I sound like a hillbilly saying that] to rush down ahead of those who stand on the right side.)  I’ve now experienced the horror of hearing a waitress say, “We don’t have sweet tea,” and I’ve paid ungodly amounts of money for airport food (yikes.).  I’ve seen the Washington Monument, walked beside the reflecting pool, and stood in the very spot where Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  I’ve wandered (literally) the streets of D.C. in search of landmarks, trekked up Capitol Hill, snapped photos of Abe Lincoln’s hat and Dorothy’s ruby slippers and I’ve seen the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Magna Carte–the original, few-hundred-years-old documents.  I went to the White House–the actual place–and actually walked inside and attended a program involving Patti LaBelle, Janelle Monae, and Melissa Etheridge, and I’ve heard the First Lady tell a room full of teenagers–including me–, “Whatever you do, do it until your butt comes off.”

Now, I know that probably tons of proud Americans (and maybe others) have done all of this (except maybe to be told by Michelle Obama to do something until your butt comes off) and more, but the point is… I never thought this would happen to me.  I’m so lucky and blessed to have been able to have these experiences and share them with somewhat surprisingly amazing people.

My favorite picture of the trip?

Selfie with Mariachi

Kidding, kidding.  It is pretty great, though: “Unashamed Selfie with the Mariachi on Capitol Hill.”

Really, though, this is my favorite:

capitol building

So, yes.  D.C. was great.

And now I’m on Spring Break (it’s super early in Mississippi, apparently) and it’s awesome.

Here’s what’s going for me now…

My sneaky aunt told the people at Good Morning Arkansas that they should have me on the show, and it seems that I will be.  So tune in to Channel 7, fellow Arkansans, at 9:40 a.m. on Monday, March 10th to see my live interview (awkward) and performance on GMAR.

So that’s Monday.  But, on Wednesday, my mom, aunt, and best friend and I leave for Austin, TX because….


(It’s this pretty giant annual music-and-film festival in Austin.)

As one of the perks of being a winner of the GRAMMY Amplifier contest, the other winners and I get to perform in a showcase during SXSW, be interviewed, meet people, cool stuff like that.

No, I don’t know which prize I’ve won for the contest yet, but I should (hopefully) know within a month.

Excitement abounds.

-Jessica Faith